about the art project

More and more people are seeking their own individual utopias in order to manage their existences and navigate their way through complex times.

Like all utopias, individual utopias contextualize a human´s need for change in a certain direction. They symoblise a form of critique of the present, and stand for individual approaches to find a way to exit or move through current circumstances. This is often accompanied by aspiration, hope and novelty, but can also encompass disruption, frustration and anxiety.

exit_strategies as a platform seeks to reflect on this, investigating the influences and consequences both for the individual, and for wider society.

My artworks reflect on my concept of utopian energy – a transformative urge that bases on the utopian potentials of both, humans and their environments. It encompasses the formless, the form-giving and the form itself.


I came up with the idea to put up an exhibition about exit strategies in connection with individual utopias in early 2017. After a while, I told others about my art project and was motivated by their interest and their reactions.

This was the first time that I collaborated with other artists and that I organised and curated a group show. I am very happy and thankful that other artists shared the interest in the topic and participated in this art project. The exhibition took place at RAW-Gelände, Berlin from the 9 – 17 Dec 2017.

participants of the art project

Ellen Southern (live-performance, sound, photos, drawings) www.ellensouthern.co.uk (Bristol/UK)
Anke Droste (painting/text-video) www.ankedroste.de (Dortmund/Germany)
Marion Richter (object) (Berlin/Germany)
Andrea Spickermann (sound-installation) (Berlin/Germany)

META (music band, song „Let me be your Ocean“, in connection with a crowdfunding support of the band) www.listentometa.com (Hannover/Germany)

Markus Feiler, project initiator & curator (live-performance, object, drawing) www.markusfeiler.com (Berlin/Germany)


If you have any question or if you want to participate in my art project, please contact me via email.


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