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„I did not start to make art. I started to give room, to give form.“

Biography (short version)

Markus Feiler is a German conceptual artist. He questions routines and opens up aesthetic spaces that invite us to think, perceive and determine our own position. His work incorporates object art/installations, photography, and paintings without focusing on a single technique. Feiler’s works has been shown in exhibitions in Germany and other European countries. He lives and works in Berlin.

Upcoming Exhibitions / Projects/ Events


Kabinett auction house, Berlin. Today. Art III, contemporary art auction, Berlin, Germany

LANDMARKS (working title), solo exhibition on digitization and sustainablilty, Berlin, Germany

CORONA – PERSPECTIVES (working title), solo exhibition, Berlin Germany

Exhibitions / Projects / Events


Galerie Vinogradov, BACK / FORTH, solo exhibition, Berlin, Germany

PEACE IN PIECES,  group exhibition by international artists on 75 years end of World War 2, Berlin, Germany

Green Gym, group exhibition and competition, Berlin, Germany


Kabinett auction house, Berlin. Today. Art II, contemporary art auction, Berlin, Germany

Galerie Vinogradov, Christmas sales exhibition, Berlin, Germany

Golf Club Pankow, Business Association Pankow, Berlin, Germany

Participant of the artist programme Projektraum.Mehrwert.Kunst, programme supported by European Social Fund, Berlin, Germany


Artist residency and exhibition | As Above So Below, with Ellen Southern (initiator), St John on the Wall, Bristol (UK)

Let´s Face it | performer, film project by Gerd Conradt


Group exhibition| exit_strategies – individual utopias

Short films on Climate Change, event at f2a_space Berlin


Private exhibition | PLEASE TOUCH


Private exhibition | GEGENTERROR


Private exhibition | PHOTOGRAPHY [KALEIDOSCOPE – NO. 1]


Dortmunder Museum Night | „sah ich, als ich sehn anfing“, .derkunstbetrieb. | KALEIDOSCOPE – NO. 1


Private exhibition | A CUP OF P…..T + 10-SECOND-DAY, LIFE – NO. 1


Private exhibition | MISSING

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