Markus Feiler (*1977, Rotenburg an der Fulda/Germany)

„I did not start to make art. I started to give room, to give form.“

In 2005, Markus moved to Berlin to become a student of Gerhard Walter, a famous master of Aikido and Zen. For an entire year, he concentrated entirely on Aikido and Za-Zen. He started to get interested with philosophy and explored the connection between thinking and sensuality. Artistic work became a part of his live in 2010 – he was unable to resist. Like before, he just followed an urge and gave room for an inner impulse and its potentials.

Markus´ artistic work reflects on conscious and unconscious aspects of our existence, often dealing with volatile processes. He examines transitions as well as transformative aspects. Markus uses a wide range of different material and enjoys the experience of the new. His work incorporates object art, photography, drawing, video, texts and combinations of those. With his artworks and art projects, Markus provides spaces – spaces for sensuality, perception, thinking, exploring, reflection, questioning.



Group Show | exit_strategies – individual utopias


Private exhibition | PLEASE TOUCH


Private exhibition | GEGENTERROR


Private exhibition | PHOTOGRAPHY [KALEIDOSCOPE – NO. 1]


Dortmunder Museum Night | „sah ich, als ich sehn anfing“, .derkunstbetrieb. | KALEIDOSCOPE – NO. 1


Private exhibition | A CUP OF P…..T + 10-SECOND-DAY, LIFE – NO. 1


Private exhibition | MISSING

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